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Unique Body Jewelry

People see body piercing differently. Some call it hideous because this is not normally done even if a lot of cultures practice it. Those who are more open-minded consider it to be a work of art as it brings out one’s personality.

Whether people like it or not, this trend is here to stay. A lot of celebrities have also joined the hordes of those that have done body piercing. Two examples are Britney Spears and Cristina Aguilera that have each flaunted a fashion accessory.

After seeing this in concert and on MTV, avid fans have also done the same thing. Such an example just shows that modern society has moved body piercing beyond the ears. Here are some examples of where some have decided to put it.

Some women love to flaunt. Instead of just wearing a push up bra or clothes that are quite revealing, there are those who have had body piercing in the breasts. Some of the choices to choose from are nipple clamps, rings and shields with the option of even having a chain hanging from one end to the other.

Another unique spot that can only be seen when the person is nude is in the clit. Those working in the adult industry have done it making this also possible by an ordinary woman.

Believe it or not, men have also joined the unique placing body jewelry trend. Several have done this in the arms and the legs. Those that are quite bold have even done this in the male genitals.

There are many who claim that body piercing is unsafe. In fact, some men and women have experienced allergies and infections. The truth is, such incidents are not always the fault of the professional. There are times that the client chose a particular section of the body that was not safe in the first place which resulted in the injury.

It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of Body Jewelry is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about Body Jewelry.

Nevertheless, in order to prevent such accidents from happening, those who work in the industry have taken more precautionary steps so people will be able to enjoy rather than suffer from it.

Some require the person below the age of 18 to get parental consent while others are advised to see a doctor first to make sure it is safe.

Does body piercing hurt? This depends on the individual but some describe it to be similar to the kind of experience when this is done to the ears as this will be over in just a few seconds.

The only way to keep the hole open is for the individual to always have something placed there. This means the maintenance process is the same when having a pair of earrings. Should it close, the customer will have to go back to the store and get another piercing.

Fortunately, not all the body jewelry will require this because there are other options available. The person can use the type of body jewelry that can be clipped or glued to one’s body thanks to an adhesive.

Body jewelry comes in many shapes and forms and the way that a person is able to carry it makes it unique. The other way will be to have one custom made. By coming up with an intrinsic design, the manufacturer will be able to make it happen so this can be shown to the world.

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Jewels for the starsĀ 

Current info about Body Jewelry is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest Body Jewelry info available.

Hollywood stars are considered icons in modern day fashion. May they be dresses or jewelry, people look up to their favorite stars and emulates the way they dress and how they accessorize themselves. Even in Hollywood, there are people who are fans of piercing and other body jewelry aside from the regular and normal extravagant rings, necklaces and earrings.

As the lights in red carpet events, you’ll see actors and actresses adorned with gems and jewelries that sparkle in the lights. Nowadays, a number of Hollywood celebrities have become fans of platinum jewels which they wore in different events and awarding ceremonies.

The likes of Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, Brooke Shields, Michael Douglas and David Bowie seem to prefer body ornaments like rings, pendants, wedding bands and bracelets made with platinum.

But body jewelry and body piercing didn’t come from the influences of Hollywood. It was more like the other way around. Historically speaking, some 4000-5000 years ago body ornaments have been used in the attempt of people back then to make themselves appealing depending on their culture.

Body piercing as well has been a practice in early civilizations. Even the Bible mentioned nose piercing. The Eqyptians wore navel rings in their various rituals. Some incorporates piercing as a religious ritual like tongue piercing for the Aztecs, Shamans, and the Mayans in Central America. Various tribes in Northwest America and in Africa still practice various kinds of body piercings.

Piercing and body jewelry has been around for centuries. It was only in the 1960s and the 1970s that the practice became more of a form of rebellion and self-expression. Jim Ward and his piercing shop, The Gauntlet, are often referred to as the first ones who popularized piercing in the United States.

The more authentic information about Body Jewelry you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Body Jewelry expert. Read on for even more Body Jewelry facts that you can share.

The practice has grown from tribal rituals and religious rites into a form of fashion. Body jewelry and body piercing is now known as a kind of artistic expression. You’ll find celebrities like Hollywood stars, rock stars, and sports figures that wear such ornaments proudly, making them models for younger generation and giving their throngs of their fans something to imitate.

However, one should not always mimic Hollywood celebrities. Sometimes, the way the stars dress and accessorize is not ideal for you. For example, if a celebrity actress dons a silver nose stud, imitating the same might cause you to have allergenic reactions to the metal. It is wise to make certain the kinds of materials that are bio-compatible to your own body.

Metals like silver or gold contains small amounts of nickel which could still cause irritations on the skin, especially if you’re too hypersensitive. Nickel is not a bio-compatible material and any skin exposed to it can lead to problems like simple rashes which could lead to complications and infections. It is not always a good thing to follow blindly. One needs to think first and see if following their favorite celebrity is worth it.

Most celebrities can afford the more expensive stuff. The fans, however, have to think of ways to keep up. For fans there are other options. A lot of stores sell affordable accessories and body jewelry similar to the ones that adorn their favorite celebrity’s ears, neck, nose, lips or tongue.

One can still look good like Hollywood stars and famous rock stars. It’s a matter of picking the right combinations of body jewelry and getting them from reputable yet affordable stores. You can find lots of jewelry shops on the internet that offer items at big discounts.

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Body Jewelry Manufacturer

Research shows that there are more people getting into body jewelry. This is because many find this to be another way of expressing one’s individuality, which has often been done in the outfits that are being worn.

People can make money due to the rising demand. Those who don?t have talent that goes into making the designs or even producing it can get this from the body jewelry manufacturer. These are usually sold at wholesale price when these are purchased in bulk so the entrepreneur can still make a decent profit.

The first step will be to go into one of these stores and ask the person there if it is possible to get the name of the manufacturer. It is very rare that the establishment produces the items because many simply act as distributors.

After getting the name, the entrepreneur should get in touch with the manufacturer. It will be nice to meet in person and see how the factory looks like to see the different selections it can offer.

If the manufacturer allows the person to become a distributor, the only thing to do now is select the items that will be ordered. There may be a minimum quantity on each item, which is quite normal.

The next thing to do will be to set up shop. Entrepreneurs that have capital can rent a cart in the mall while those who don?t can start by setting up a shop online. The most crucial thing is pricing because other retailers may offer a similar product.

The first few weeks can serve as a good indication of how the business is doing. The entrepreneur or a sales clerk should monitor which items are fast and slow moving to determine which items should be replenished.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

There must a critical level set in place so the person will know when it is time again to shop for these accessories.

Some body jewelry manufacturers allow the distributor to return slow moving items. In the event the entrepreneur is working with someone that does not allow this to happen, the best thing to do will be to put the merchandise on sale by reducing the price by maybe 10% to 50%.

The first few styles that were doing well in the beginning may suddenly drop. This could happen because the market is not into that thing anymore so it is time to go back and pick new styles.

Are there any particular body jewelry styles doing better than others? The answer is no. Some people will say this item while others will disagree and point to another one. The entrepreneur should just go with the flow and then see what are the demands in the market since it is always a hit or miss when buying from a manufacturer.

If there is nothing in the contract that prohibits the purchase of items from other manufacturers, the entrepreneur should take advantage of this and diversify further. This is because there may be someone else out there that has other accessories at a cheaper price and made of better materials.

If the business is doing well, perhaps this is the time that the entrepreneur can expand. Another branch can be opened with more to come in the future as long as there is demand from the consumer.

There’s a lot to understand about Body Jewelry. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.

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The hard metal for your body

Ti in the periodic table, has an atomic number of 22, and is quite known for its lightness, strength and corrosive-resistant properties. We’re referring to Titanium, the metal that is white-silvery in color.

For industrial and other purposes titanium can be easily combined with other elements like iron and aluminum to create strong lightweight alloys which are used for jet engines, missiles, chemical plants, automotive industry, agriculture, medical science, sports and more. It was William Gregor of England who discovered the metal in 1791, however, it was Martin Heinrich Klaproth who coined the name titanium after the Titans of Greek mythology.

Aside from the industrial uses of titanium, nowadays the metal is used for body jewelry. Jewelers are preferring titanium over other metals because of its properties. The metal doesn’t react much to stimuli making them ideal for people who are sensitive to other materials. Plus, it is very durable, light weight and will not rust, or corrode under normal use.

In fact, titanium’s ability to resist corrosion is one of its most notable properties. The metal comes very close to platinum in terms of anti-corrosive properties. The metal can endure most acids like sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. It can withstand exposures from moist chlorine gas and chloride solutions, as well as salt solutions.

The metal can be made more corrosion-resistance by exposing it to elevated temperatures. But even if you store or use the metal in room temperatures, it will still resist tarnishing. Other properties of titanium include paramagnetic or being weakly attracted to magnets and low electrical and thermal conductivity.

Why do people become allergic to metal body jewelry in the first place? The amount of nickel usually determines how safe and how allergen risk it is. The problem with nickel is that it is usually not bio-compatible. This causes problems when the jewelry metals is used or pierced through the skin. When buying body jewelry, you should therefore check the metal and nickel contents of the body ornaments.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and Body Jewelry experts is time. If you’ll invest a little more time in reading, you’ll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to Body Jewelry.

Sterling silver, for example, is only .925% silver. The other percent is made up of other metals which can cause irritation, tarnishing when it comes in contact with air and body fluids. Gold, especially the higher grades like 24karat gold, contains less nickel than sterling silver.

However, the problem with gold and sterling silver is that they are soft. Both metals are susceptible to nicks and dents which can be breeding grounds for bacteria which in turn causes infections and allergic reactions.

Surgical stainless steel (SSS) is perhaps the most popular metal used for body jewelry. The metal is strong and has virtually flawless finish. Plus, allergic reactions are much less for SSS compared to silver and gold. However, SSS still does contain nickel and irritations from the use of the metal as body jewelry is possible especially if the person has a terribly low tolerance of nickel

The next best thing after SSS is Niobium. This metal is a little heavier than SSS but is also a little stronger. What is good about Niobium is that it is non-reactive. Most people are able to wear them as body jewelry with little or no problem at all.

The only problem that would arise is the higher costs of buying the metal. Still, Niobium is cheaper than Titanium and most people will choose Niobium as the middle ground between SSS and Titanium.

Titanium is the hardest and highest grade of metal available which has almost no presence of nickel at all. The metal has less than .05% of Nickel. Scratches and dents will not occur on the surface of the metal because of its strength.

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Body Jewelry for Sale

The following article presents the very latest information on Body Jewelry. If you have a particular interest in Body Jewelry, then this informative article is required reading.

The world of fashion is composed of two things namely; clothes and accessories. One of the many accessories the person may choose to have is a bag to hold on some stuff and jewelry.

Traditionally, these things come in the form of an earring, a necklace or a bracelet. Lately, there is a new trend and this involves putting jewelry on one’s body.

Body jewelry is seldom sold in the department store. This is perhaps because most of the customers are quite conservative. The customer will have to visit tattoo or body piercing shops or check these out in some carts located in the mall.

There are many types of body jewelry readily available. The person can get this for the nipples, the nose, the tongue and the navel. These accessories are not only for women since some men have also purchased it to be part of the crowd.

There are two ways for this to stay on the body. The first will be after someone pierces it to the skin. The other will stay there with the help of a magnet.

Is one better than the other? The answer will depend on who will be the one using it and what occasion will be this worn for.

Think about what you’ve read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Body Jewelry? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs?

The prices of these products vary depending on the material that was used. Gold and platinum are the most expensive with silver, titanium, glass and plastic that will cater to the lower end of the market.

If a certain type of body jewelry is not available, some customers may be fortunate enough to find this online. Those that are not happy with what is in the display case can come up with a design and then have this made. Before buying it, the customer should look at it in the mirror to see if this looks good.

There are some people who think that body jewelry is very strange. That may the opinion of those who may not like it but it has not stopped some celebrities from having some fun.

Take for example Melanie Brown, a former spice girl who has a piece of body jewelry pierced in the tongue. Another woman that was featured in one talk show were Janet Jackson who had the same thing done but this time by the nipples.

There are so many other celebrities that have done the same thing. When asked if it hurt, most of these people said yes. Why do people do it? Some say this is one of the trends of living in the digital age prompting others to explore new things.

Studies show that sales in body jewelry have gone up in recent years. One reason is perhaps because a lot of people look up to celebrities as role models. If someone has a fan club and decides to use body jewelry, other people will follow soon and have this either pierced or clipped in places that surprise some would never even dream of it.

Should everyone go down to the store and get one? This depends on the person. Some find it cool while others don’t. Choosing to buy this piece of accessory is just another way of expressing one’s individuality. There are other ways of expressing it and this makes everyone a little different.

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Pierced for Beauty

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about Body Jewelry in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make.

Traditionally, jewelry was worn in the ancient times to express the bearer’s power and social standing. It traditionally was a symbol of exclusivity and no common person could wear them. For instance, in ancient Egypt, only religious figures and political leaders were allowed to wear jewelry. During this time, jewelry were more than special symbols of wealth and power. They were used also as talismans and important pieces for rituals.

Perhaps as a way of rebelling against this age-old tradition of the symbol of jewelry, certain alternative groups in society have decided to make a statement in the way they wear jewelry by allowing themselves to undergo non traditional body piercings to be able to adorn body jewelry.

In the not so distant past, these individuals with many alternative body piercings were called punk. These individuals were often societal outcasts and would traditionally be in tattered, non-traditional outfits there were usually in the color black or in other austere and subdued colors. These individuals had body piercings and jewelry in areas of the body that were once considered to be absurd. It all perhaps began with multiple ear piercing to be able to accommodate multiple earrings in one ear.

But then, we started to see nose rings, tongue and even eyebrow rings as these individuals pushed expectations further. Those particular body piercing and jewelry are only the ones found on the face. However, body piercing encompasses the whole body and body jewelry has been known to adorn other body parts like the nipples via nipple rings and other piercing in sensitive areas of the human body.

If your Body Jewelry facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don’t let important Body Jewelry information slip by you.

While these types of body piercing and jewelry were once considered taboo, present society has been more forthcoming of these types of adornment. While it is still considered daring and different to sport body piercing and matching jewelry, it cannot be denied that it has gained more acceptance and popularity as more and more singers, rappers and artists display their alternative body piercing and jewelry. Because of this phenomenon, body piercing and jewelry have become part of pop culture and enjoys better acceptance in society.

Because of the popularity of body piercing and jewelry for these, much more variety in jewelry designs are available in the market. Other than the old “punk” look, body piercing jewelry now comes in different shapes, sizes and designs that allows the most popular pop icon to adorn a fashionable belly ring on her flat belly and look very attractive because of this.

While it may still be impossible for traditional jewelry stores to carry jewelry for body piercing, it is quite easy to find the body piercing jewelry that will fit your sense of style and preferences. If the process of body piercing scares you, just remember that if you do it in a hygienic way with qualified individuals then there shouldn’t be a problem with infections or those sorts of concerns.

It is also important to maintain proper hygiene after a piercing to make sure that the piercing heals properly. You can also opt to take vitamin C regularly while the wound is healing so that it mends faster and properly.

If it happens to be the pain factor that’s stopping you from getting a body piercing, just remember that some body parts are more susceptible to pain than the rest. For instance, more fatty areas of the body are less painful when pierced as opposed to more bony or cartilage based areas.

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Your body needs accessories, where to go?

There are a lot of places where you could get body jewelry piercing. These days, there are hundreds if not thousands of shops both in the malls and online that sell authentic body jewelry designs.

From the inexpensive fake body jewelry to the more intricate and much expensive ones, you can basically get anything you desire. Even if stores don’t carry what you want, you can get the materials from some shops and make your own sets of body jewelry.

Locating a great body jewelry shop maybe a daunting task. The sheer number of shops online alone will keep you glued to your PC for hours. One of the fastest ways to locate a great shop is to ask your friends about it. If your group is into body jewelry then there’s a big chance that they go to a few places online, websites that they already trust. However, if you don’t have friends that are into this sort of thing then you need a guide to help you in your search.

When browsing the internet for body jewelry shops, it is best to stick with well made and presentable websites. If the website is well made then the owners spent some considerable money to look professional, which means they are really serious in selling body jewelry and stuff. This makes them more reliable than other sites. These types of sites might sell quite expensive body jewelry but at least you’re a little confident that they use good quality materials, non of those irritating, corrosive and easily-tarnished stuff.

Always look at the return and ordering policies of online shops. Prefer shops that offer decent return policies over prices and discounts. You’ll never really know if the pictures on their website will be the one’s that they will send to you via courier. It’s best to be wary of scrupulous individuals online. The internet is full of them types.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and Body Jewelry experts is time. If you’ll invest a little more time in reading, you’ll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to Body Jewelry.

Once you find a great store, there’s another big task in front of you, picking the best set of body jewelry from a huge selection. One way to shop is to shop by style. Body jewelry comes in lots of style or forms. There are rings, balls and barbells. There are gem studded and plain.

You’ll also find exotic, unique, weird, shocking, plain and extreme designs in groups of their own. The style really depends on how much you want to express yourself.

You can also shop by the type of material. Aside from style, the material used is the next big thing to consider when buying body jewelry. Body jewelry comes in sterling silver, 14K gold, stainless steel, titanium, etc. If you have body that is hypersensitive, then it is best that you consider buying metals that are low in nickel such as titanium, stainless surgical steel, silver and gold.

What’s the point of buying body jewelry if you can’t wear them at all? You need to know your own body first. Body jewelry should be as comfortable as possible. If you find that your set of studs or rings irritates your skin then the material used are not bio-compatible. It is better to invest on the more expensive ones rather than risk infections from cheap body jewelry.

Also, one could shop by the type of piercing. Each body part has specific types of piercing jewelry. Navel and tongue piercing are quite different from each other. To hasten your search, you could ask directly for particular piercing body jewelry. If it’s for the ears, nose, lips, navel, etc.

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Body jewelries, what to look for

The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage–at least it seems that way. If you’ve been thinking you need to know more about it, here’s your opportunity.

If you’re looking for a jewelry store then you will definitely be in quite a pickle. There are practically thousands of jewelry stores online. You can spend hours and hours looking at the multitude of jewelry selections online.

You can easily find genuine and expensive body jewelry as well as the cheap fake ones. You can find jewelry made from unique materials. The only problem that you would have is choosing the right body jewelry. There are a lot of things to consider including the type, make, cost, and design. It is important that you pick a store that can give options to choose from.

Admittedly, body jewelries are different from each other. The key is looking for the right and quality jewelry which would allow you to maximize its functionality and aesthetic value without as much as spending half of your savings on them.

One of the most important things that you should know is the correct term for each kind of body jewelry. Stores might get confused with what you are saying and end up selling you the wrong type of jewelry. For tongue ornaments, try saying straight barbell and not “tongue ring.” Also a curved barbell or bananabell is used instead of “navel ring.”

Familiarity with the different types of jewelry will make you more confident on your purchase and will help you compare and choose the best stores. The basic types include captive ball rings, plugs and barbells which are further subdivided into straight, curved, or circular. Also, you should recognize and identify what are labrets, septums, nose screws, twists, nose bones, eyelets, spirals, pinchers, claws, and talons.

The more authentic information about Body Jewelry you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Body Jewelry expert. Read on for even more Body Jewelry facts that you can share.

Knowing each kind is not enough, however. You also need to know which one’s go where. The good thing is that most jewelry can be worn in many types of piercing. But surface piercings are limited to surface bars only. Other things that you need to consider are the correct sizes, the materials used (it’s best to use surgical steel, titanium if you have sensitive body chemistry) and flexibility of the jewelry. Avoid wearing body jewelry that will restrict your movements too much. Also, make sure that you inspect closely the jewelry before you buy them. Make sure the finish is smooth.

Now, there are some things that you also remember when buying body jewelry. As much as possible, avoid buying from non-specialty stores, or cheap mall stores (the internet too) especially if you’re buying piercing jewelry. Since these types of stores are not experts and don’t know the difference between silver and titanium jewelries. You might end up buying a barbell which the store claims to surgical steel but actually is a nickel based alloy. You’ll end up having irritations and even infections because of the wrong purchase. Always go to the experts in these sorts of things.

Also, some additional tips: when someone urges you to buy plastic, acrylic, or lucite jewelry, ignore them. Even though these types are really cheap, they are designed not to be worn over extended periods. In addition, when you feel the metal of your jewelry is reacting too much to your body creating bad odors and tarnishing, then one could use organic ones like those body jewelry made from stone, horn, wood, or bone, or glass.

One thing should be remembered, though, when using organic made jewelries they should never be worn on a fresh piercing. These types of body ornaments are only worn on piercings that have healed considerably.

Now you can understand why there’s a growing interest in Body Jewelry. When people start looking for more information about Body Jewelry, you’ll be in a position to meet their needs.

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Indulge in Body Jewelry

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about Body Jewelry, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Body Jewelry.

Body jewelry such as those used for sexy body piercing are so hot and fashionable these days, it’s hard not to get hooked on the mania. If you’re into this type of body jewelry, you have to admit that it’s difficult not to give in to more and more body piercing to show off those oh so sexy curves and crevices.

However, with the multitude of body jewelry you will need as well as the many designs and styles to choose from, it’s not hard to rack up a high bill in terms of spending on these. This is why it is important to keep your eyes and ears peeled for sales and discounts on body jewelry. This way, you can enjoy more and spend less.

You could just go for one but why stop yourself when you don’t have to? Just look out for discount body jewelry announcements and grab the chance to get your favorite body jewelry pieces before it goes off sale. Of course you can just settle for one but wouldn’t it be divine to be able to wear a cute belly ring with colors to match your every outfit? With discount body jewelry you can because you can get belly rings and other types of body jewelry so you can make a true fashion statement.

What is even better is that discount body jewelry applies not only to cheap fashion pieces that are cute and vogue but also to jewelry that are made of semi-precious to precious materials like gold and diamonds.

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole Body Jewelry story from informed sources.

Taking advantage of discount body jewelry is your chance to own those fantastic, more expensive than usual pieces that are made of precious metals and precious stones. After all, you deserve to give yourself a treat once in a while and purchasing discount body jewelry is a good opportunity to do so.

Don’t limit yourself to giving yourself a treat. Getting discount body jewelry and giving it off as a present is a good idea. If you’re tired of the usual gifts and you and your loved one are not into the sappy, traditional jewelry, then body jewelry is the thing for you. In fact, getting your beau involved in discount body jewelry shopping may just be the thing you need to spice up your relationship some more.

Picture this: you as your beau to choose a sexy piece of body jewelry for you and you can make a production number about showing and flaunting the jewelry piece for him as a thank you for getting it for you. It’s a win-win situation that way because you get a new piece of body jewelry while he got it at a discount so it doesn’t hurt his budget.

You could also do it vice versa. Why not get your beau a fabulous discount body jewelry piece and tell him to be creative about the way he thanks you for it. Whatever the case, discount body jewelry allows the purchase of these items to be as exciting as wearing and flaunting them. With the case of discount body jewelry, the painful pleasure of the piercing does not extend to the purchasing of the jewelry.

To get the latest and hottest on discount body jewelry, just go online and check out the online stores that showcase the latest and trendiest body jewelry on sale.

Now you can be a confident expert on Body Jewelry. OK, maybe not an expert. But you should have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on Body Jewelry.

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Finding body jewelry online

The following paragraphs summarize the work of Body Jewelry experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of Body Jewelry. Heed their advice to avoid any Body Jewelry surprises.

Since the beginning of civilization, jewelries and accessories were always part of a person’s overall wardrobe. Jewelries and accessories ?which come in different kinds, styles, sizes and colors?have evolved through the years. Today, more and more people were able to find different means of wearing jewelries and accessories, one of which is body jewelry.

Body jewelry refers to jewelries or accessories that you can wear in a specific part of your body. These include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, barbells, belly rings, belly waist chains, belts and buckles, bent barbells, rings, navel rings, nipple rings, nose rings, toe rings, tongue rings, lip rings, belly button rings, and body jewelry rings.

If you are into body jewelry or you are looking for body jewelries that you can use for your body piercings, online stores and shops are the best options for you.

Whether you are looking for jewelries to adorn your belly, tongue, nose, ears, fingers, nipples, or anywhere else on your body, body jewelries online can give you a lot of options. In fact, there are so many online stores that offer body jewelry today. Whether these are for body piercing or non-piercing, you have the chance to choose from a wide variety of body jewelry online.

Whatever it is that you prefer?whether these are jewelries that have stones, contains precious metal like gold, silver, platinum or titanium, made from unique materials such organic or wood, gothic, acrylic, or glass?you can find it in so many stores that offer body jewelry online.


Those of you not familiar with the latest on Body Jewelry now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come.

But, before you shop for body jewelries online, you should decide first if you really want to use these especially if you have piercings. Here are some of the considerations you might want to contemplate on:

1. The cost of body piercings. If you are planning to pierce your navel, eyebrow, or tongue, the cost of this and the cost of the body jewelry should be a very big consideration for you. Online, there are estimated cost of body piercings and body jewelry. On the average, the cost of body piercings range from $25 to $50 depending on the area you have chosen to be pierced, the shop that will do the work and the body jewelry you have chosen.

2. The type of metal the body jewelry you will use. Experts suggest that you choose titanium or blackline body jewelry whenever you purchase body jewelry online because these are made up of pure metal. If you are going to use the body jewelry for your body piercing, it is recommended that you use these so your piercing will heal faster without the risk of having infection.

3. The type of body jewelry for an initial piercing. Most shop owners that sell body jewelry online recommend that you opt for B.C.R.’s, barbells or banana bars when you undergo initial piercing. This is because barbells or banana bars sit flatter against your body thus, lowering the risk of snagging the jewelry to aggravate the piercing. Always make sure that you discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of the body jewelry you wish to use whenever you have body piecing.

4. The timeframe of healing. Make sure that you always opt for body jewelry that can help your pierce to heal faster. Try titanium or blackline which are popular body jewelries available online.

5. Be meticulous about the process of piercing, the place, and the body jewelry to be used. Before you finally indulge into body piercing, make sure that the piercing studio is clean and has an autoclave unit used to sterilize equipment and jewelry to be used.

There’s no doubt that the topic of Body Jewelry can be fascinating. If you still have unanswered questions about Body Jewelry, you may find what you’re looking for in the next article.

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